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Who doesn’t dream about a beautiful home in the middle of the nature, where everything is fresh and joyful. Movies can take you to the life of your dream, especially nature adventure movies Find here a great collection of it and have fun.

Who doesn’t dream about a beautiful home in the middle of the nature, where everything is fresh and joyful. Movies can take you to the life of your dream, especially nature adventure movies Find here a great collection of it and have fun.

The Secret Life of Walter Mitty – 2013

A great movie starring Ben Stiller, the movie about Walter Mitty who works for Life magazine as a manager of the negative-assets sector. For 16 years, he dreams all the time of a life full of adventures, and he admires the famous photographer Sean O’Connell, who goes where nobody has gone before to take special photos. Sean sent a wallet as a gift for him to thank him for his good work, but he did not mention that there is a negative in this wallet, so Walter discarded it. When he realizes there’s a missing negative that he needs at work, he travels all the way to Sean to get it, going on a real adventure for the first time in his life.

The Revenant – 2015 (nature adventure movies)

An Oscar winner movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, telling the story of Hugh Glass the man who got injured by a brutal bear, then he survives to go back and get his revenge from his friends who left him to die.

Cast Away – 2000

An iconic movie starring Tom Hanks and Helen Hunt, and another survival story of a man working in FedEx, he went on a business trip but the airplane experienced technical difficulties, so he found himself lost on an island in the South Pacific, and he finds ways to save himself mentally and physically.

Seven Years in Tibet – 1997

A movie starring Brad Pitt, telling the story of Heinrich Harrer the Austrian climber who went to British India to clemp Nanga Parbat, but while he was there, World War II breaks out and he found himself a prisoner in Dehra Dun’s camp. He escapes with another man and they go together to the holy city of Lhasa, and he becomes a friend of the Dalai Lama.

Avatar – 2009 (nature adventure movies)

A movie directed by James Cameron and starring Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana. It tells the story of a group of people living on a moon far away from Earth named Pandora, fighting humans who went there to mine some elements after Earth’s resources were depleted. It is one of the best adventure nature movies you can watch.

The Lion King – 1994

Simba is a young lion prince, his uncle killed his father and pretended that he fell and died by accident, and then he took his place and kicked Simba out of the wood. Simba ran away from his kingdom in the Savannah and became friends with a wild pig and a Mongoose. Now he has to decide whether he should stay there or go back home to get his revenge and take back the kingdom.

2001: A Space Odyssey – 1968

A Sci-fi movie and one of the nature adventure movies talking about some spacemen who found a mysterious artifact on the moon, and they track it’s origins to Jupiter using advanced technology. It is the journey of a Spacecraft with two men on board and a supercomputer.

Big Fish – 2003 (nature adventure movies)

A young man trying his best to find the truth from the fictions in his father’s stories, who is about to die. His father used to tell him a lot of fantastical stories, some of which came true. It is one of the best adventure nature movies.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind – 1984

The movie is about the warrior Princess Nausicaä who wants to stop the war between two nations and prevent them from destroying the earth. This movies belongs to the category of nature adventure movies.

Life of Pi – 2012 (nature adventure movies)

A fantasy movie and one of the best adventure nature movies about a young man surviving a boating disaster and going on an epic journey with an unusual company; a Bengal tiger. They are floating together in the middle of the sea.

The Secret World of Arrietty – 2010

The life of 4-inches-tall people, called The Clock family, they live in another people’s house in secret and make their own place with simple things from here and there, but their simple life becomes threatened when their teenager daughter Arrietty exposed herself to the other people.

The White Diamond – 2004

A fine inclusion to the nature adventure movies list. It is about a daring excursion by Dr. Graham Dorrington who uses a new flying device called “the Jungle Airship” to discover the rainforest, and fly over the giant Kaieteur Falls in Guyana. It is a dream came true.

Cave of Forgotten Dreams – 2010

A documentary film made by Werner Herzog. He got his chance and permission to photograph the oldest pictures made by humanity in Chauvet caves, located in Southern France. It’s one of the greatest nature adventure movies made.

The Way Back – 2010 (nature adventure movies)

A great movie and one of the best adventure nature movies starring Ed Harris, Jim Sturgess and Colin Farrell. The movie is about  three prisoners in 1940, planning to escape from the Siberian gulag in communist Russia. Four more prisoners joined them in their mission.

The Naked Prey – 1965

The movie set in 1800s and follows a safari guide and two hunters in South Africa in an elephant hunting trip, but because they don’t know about the traditions there, they refused to bring gifts to the tribesmen, and it puts them in their line of fire.

The Croods – 2013 (nature adventure movies)

A funny animation movie starring Nicolas Cage, Ryan Reynolds, and Emma Stone, and the story is about a caveman family fearing everything they can not understand around them, but with some help from an inventive boy, they become more friendly with their environment.

Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron – 2002

An animation movie starring Matt Damon, and one of the adventure movies about nature you will definitely enjoy. It tells the of a mustang seeking his freedom at any price, after being captured.

Alive – 1993 (nature adventure movies)

A movie starring Ethan Hawke. It tells the story of a Uruguayan rugby team flying to Chile in 1972 to play a game, but the plane crashed on the Andes Mountains. There was 45 persons on this plane and were all considered dead. However, 16 people survived the crash and tried to stay alive for 2 months until they were rescued.

Kon-Tiki  – 2012 

The story of an explorer named Thor Heyerdahl. He went through an epic journey in the Pacific ocean measuring 4300 miles in 1947, to prove that South Americans could settle in Polynesia, in the pre-Columbian era.

If a Tree Falls: A Story of the Earth Liberation Front  – 2011

The movie is a rare documentary taking a closer look at a radical environment activism group calling themselves the “Earth Liberation Front”. The FBI considers them a domestic terrorist threat in the United State.

The Edge – 1997 (nature adventure movies)

One of the best nature adventure movies starring Anthony Hopkins and Alec Baldwin. The story is about three men. One of them is a resourceful, intellectual billionaire. They struggle together to stay alive in the Alaskan wilderness.

The Book of Eli – 2010

This movie is a post-apocalyptic story about a man doing his best to protect a sacred book having secrets that may save mankind. The movie is starring Denzel Washington and Mila Kunis, and is one of the nature adventure movies you could enjoy it.

Thor: The Dark World – 2013

A fantasy Marvel movie starring Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman. It tells the story of Thor the son of Odin, who fought with the Dark Elves, because they want the whole universe to fall into darkness.

Hanna – 2011 (nature adventure movies)

An interesting movie about a 16-year-old girl raised to be an assassin by her father. She went on a business trip in Europe, but she was chased by intelligence agents lead by a ruthless woman (played by Cate Blanchet).

Into The Cold–A Journey of the Soul – 2010

A documentary about two men following the steps of Admiral Peary through the North Pole in an intolerable whether, where the temperature reaches below 0 degrees.

The Grey – 2011

The movie starring Liam Neeson. It tells the story of six workers surviving a plane crash in Alaska. They are lead by a hunter who helps them find their way home through the ice, and avoid the hungry wolves in their way.

White Fang – 1991

A nice movie starring Ethan Hawke. It tells the story of one of Jack London’s adventures seeking gold, with his very special companion which is a hybrid dog.

Bicycle Dreams – 2009

A group of cyclists went on a trip for ten days. It seems fun at first until one of them died by accident, and it makes them more determined to reach the East Coast for salvation.

The Mosquito Coast – 1986

An inventor hated modern day life and decided to go with his family to live in the jungles in Central America. He is doing his best to build his own utopia. It is another interesting one of the nature adventure movies you will enjoy, starring Harrison Ford, and Helen Mirren.

Jaws – 1975 (nature adventure movies)

A Steven Spielberg classic about a shark attack happening on Amity Island during a hot summer where everyone is seeking the beach to cool off. Things change after a young boy is killed by sharks, and his mother offers a big prize for the person who can hunt the shark.

Dune – 2021

A sci-fi movie starring Timothée Chalamet and one of the nature adventure movies about Paul Atreides who goes on a mission to one of the most dangerous planets in the galaxy to protect the future of his family and get valuable resources. He has to conquer his fear and his enemies, as well as survive the planet’s unforgiving desert surroundings.

Tracks – 2013 (nature adventure movies)

The movie set in 1977 and it is the story of Robyn Davidson, the Australian woman who wanted to reach the ocean by trekking through the desert for 2700 kilometers. She has 4 camels and a dog to accompany her on her journey. It is one of the nature adventure movies worth watching.

Wild 2014

A movie starring Reese Witherspoon about Cheryl, who went on a solo trip of 1,100 miles to heal her soul after a set of losses. She lost her mother and got divorced, so she needs something to make her feel alive. She walks more than a thousand miles on the Pacific Crest Trail.

The Mountain Between Us – 2017

A beautiful movie and one of the nature adventure movies starring Kate Winslet and Idris Elba. It is about Alex the photojournalist and Ben the neurosurgeon, who hired a private pilot after their flight got canceled due to bad weather, but the pilot got a stroke and the plane crashed on a mountaintop.

Leave no trace –  2018

The movie is about Will and his daughter Tom, who decide to stay away from everybody else and live in the wild in the forests of Portland, but they have been found by the social services. Will and Tom come under the watch of social services but they could not blend in with their surroundings, so they run away back to their home.

 Everest – 2015 (nature adventure movies)

A movie starring Jason Clarke, set in 1996 about two groups of commercial expeditions that went to climb Mount Everest, but they were hit by a violent storm. They faced horrible conditions and went on an epic battle to stay alive. A good addition to the nature adventure movies you can watch.

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