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Best new Netflix series

the best new Netflix series

The most distinguished thing about the best new Netflix series and Netflix’s production in general, is their attempt to attract a diverse segment of viewers and address many cultures. Therefore, you can find on Netflix many Korean dramas alongside Indian, Arab, and American dramas,…

New Netflix movies

New Netflix movies
Check out our new Netflix movies for 2024 list. From the beginning, Netflix was keen to attract the best actors, most popular actress, and the most successful directors.

Best Netflix Summer Camp Movie

Summer camping is a wonderful experience, it allows you to be a part of a cooperate and productive community, and to have strong relationship with your fellows. It can give you a lot of precious memories, such as campfire songs…

Best Dancing Movie on Netflix Right Now

Before there were languages, music and dance were two essential languages for humans to express themselves and express their feelings. There was a dance for love, a dance for war, a dance for harvest, a dance for hunting, etc.. Dancing…

Camp Movies On Netflix

Camp movies on Netflix

Connecting with nature is a wonderful experience that everyone needs in their life, whether camping in the desert, forest, beside the sea, or over a mountain, you will make happy memories and learn more about yourself and about the creatures around you. Find here the best camp…

Best Japanese Fantasy Movies On Netflix


There’s so much that can be said about fantasy movies, specially when mixed with the magic of Japanese culture. Netflix knows this, which is why they are streaming a wonderful collection of it. Find here the best Japanese fantasy movies on Netflix and sit…

Best AI Movies on Netflix

AI movies on Netflix

Everyone is talking today about AI, and how the intelligence of machines can affect our life. Could it take our job? Could it harm us? Could it be useful for us? Filmmakers also have the same interest about it and…