Best Adventure Movies in Jungle

A trip in the wild has a unique charm, and it gets even more exciting if it was in the jungle, because in the jungle you never expect what you’re going to find on your way, and what great, beautiful, and interesting creatures you’re going to meet. You can experience the same feelings when you watch a anything from our list of the best adventure movies in jungle.

A trip in the wild has a unique charm, and it gets even more exciting if it was in the jungle, because in the jungle you never expect what you’re going to find on your way, and what great, beautiful, and interesting creatures you’re going to meet. You can experience the same feelings when you watch a anything from our list of the best adventure movies in jungle.

The Lost City of Z – 2016

A drama movie starring Charlie Hunnam and Robert Pattinson, about the British explorer Percy Fawcett who lived in the 20th century and went on an adventure in the Amazon Jungles. There, he found evidence about an advanced civilization that inhabited the jungle, but the scientific establishment ridiculed his discovery and made him go there again with his wife to prove it.

Jungle Cruise – 2021 (best adventure movies in jungle)

A movie set in 1556 when Don Aguirre lead the Spanish conquistadors to find the Lágrimas de Cristal in South America, which is a tree that can cure diseases and curses, but most of them lost their lives, and the survivor was cured by the same tree’s flowers, by Puka Michuna tribe. When the chief refused to tell them about the tree’s place, Aguirre stabs him and burn the jungle.

The Lost City – 2022

Another one of the best adventure movies in jungle starring Sandra Bullock, and Daniel Radcliffe, the story is about Loretta Sage who is a romance writer. She writes stories about Dr. Angela Lovemore’s adventures. For her latest book her publisher Beth Hatten asked her to go for a book tour with the cover model Alan Caprison, but she ended up kidnapped by a billionaire called Abigail Fairfax.

Romancing the Stone – 1984

Another movie about a novel writer, this time the main character is Joan Wilder who lives in New York, who received a letter from her brother in law containing a map. It was his last letter before he killed. When Joan went to her apartment, she found it ransacked, and she got a phone call from her sister Elaine to tell her that she is kidnapped by antique smugglers who are looking for the map, now she had to follow the map to reveal all the secrets.

Jumanji: The Next Level – 2019

A movie starring Dwayne Johnson and Jack Black about a group of school friends, separated from each others. They all make some achievement in their life except Spencer who tries to forget that by playing Jumanji, and feel powerful like his avatar Dr. Smolder Bravestone. Spencer and his friends agreed to meet each others but he did not show up so they went behind him in the game.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island – 2012

The movie starts after four years from the Journey to The Center of the Earth. Sean Anderson breaks into a satellite control center, waiting for any sign from his missing grandfather Alexander Anderson. He gets the sign and his stepfather Hank Parsons helps him to decipher it. It is about three books: Jules Verne’s Mysterious Island, Gulliver’s Travels, and Treasure Island. And from there they found a mysterious location and start a new journey.

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire – 2013

The movie is the second sequel of the “Hunger Games” saga, and in this movie Katniss Everdeen and Peeta Mellark , start harvesting the fruits of their victory, they came back to district 12 and live in comfort, but Katniss stays away from Peeta until she got a visit from President Snow who told her that she ignited uprisings in the country, and she had to act the lover role with Peeta to make people forget about her and her symbol as a Mockingjay.

Mowgli: Legend of the Jungle – 2018

The movie starts in the jungles of India with a Bengal tiger called Shere Khan who breaks the rules and kills a human family, except a little infant who was found by a panther called Bagheera, and Bagheera takes him to be adopted by Nisha and Vihaan who is a family of Indian wolves. They call the boy Mowgli and make Baloo, the Himalayan brown bear his guardian to protecting him from Shere Khan who wants to kill him too.

The Beach – 2000 (best adventure movies in jungle)

The movie you have to put in the best jungle adventure movies list starring Leonardo DiCaprio and Tilda Swinton. It is about Richard the American young man who went to Bangkok for adventure. On his way he met a French couple, Françoise and Étienne, and they told him about a mystery island in Thailand that was like a paradise on Earth. The three of them tried to find the island and they did it, but could it be the end of all their suffering?

Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – 2017

It is a new adventure in Jumanji, with four kids from high school who are drawn to it and never suspect what will happen to them. They choose their avatar, and become the characters they choose to be, not only that but also they had to survive all the hazards they could find in the game to go back to real world. They discover more about themselves and find the traces left by Alan Parrish 20 years before.

Tomb Raider – 2018 (best adventure movies in jungle)

An action movie and one of the best adventure movies in jungle about Lara Croft, who tried to find her missing father, Richard Croft while keeping his inheritance safe. She follows all evidence and finds a recorded video from her father in a secret chamber in his tomb. In this record he said that he is searching for Himiko, the mythical Queen of Yamatai who controlled life and death, which kickstarts her adventure to find the location of Himiko’s tomb.

Tarzan – 1999 (best adventure movies in jungle)

An animation about the famous character Tarzan; who was raised by gorillas in the jungles after his parents were killed by a leopard called Sabor in Equatorial Africa in the 1880s. At this time he was just an infant. Year after year he becomes friends with the other animals including Terk the gorilla and Tantor the elephant. It is one of the best adventure movies jungle you can enjoy with your family.

Uncharted – 2022 (best adventure movies in jungle)

A movie starring Tom Holland. Sam and Nathan the orphan brothers were arrested after they try to steal a map related to Magellan from Boston museum, the incident makes the orphanage expel Sam but he promise his brother that he will come back for him. 15 years later, Nathan works in New York as a bartender, and Sam was tracking a treasure related to Magellan’s crew.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull – 2008

A movie starring Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchett, it is set in 1957 when the American archeologist Indiana Jones was kidnapped by Irina Spalko the Soviet agent and her team, then they went to “Hangar 51” in Nevada trying to find an alien’s body related to the Roswell incident. Indiana Jones escape with his assistant, and he went to Peru for another archaeological piece which is a crystal skull buried in the grave of Francisco de Orellana.

Blood Diamond – 2006 (best adventure movies in jungle)

Another movie from best jungle adventure movies list the movie is set in 1999 in the time of Sierra Leone civil war, where the Rebel factions terrorized local people and enslaved them to harvest diamonds, one of them is Vandy who is working for Captain Poison the warlord, and he finds a rare enormous pink diamond. When the government troops control the whole area, Vandy buries the stone before he gets arrested to came back for it later.

Kingsman: The Golden Circle – 2017

Poppy Adams is a psychotic criminal that blows up the Kingsman headquarters. This forces the surviving agents to run away with their life to Kentucky to “Statesman” which is an allied organization in the US. Now they had to stand together to save the world from the “Golden Circle”. It is another one of the best adventure movies in jungle.

King Kong – 2005 (best adventure movies in jungle)

Another movie from the adventure jungle movies list directed by Peter Jackson and starring Naomi Watts and Jack Black. It is about a filmmaker called Carl Denham that found the best location to complete his movie which is Skull Island, but once he sets foot there he meets a giant gorilla, and that was not only the problem, but also the island’s native population who are cannibalistic people.

Annihilation – 2018

A horror movie starring Natalie Portman, about Kane the rugged military man and his wife Lena the academic biology professor who went missing for 12 months in Florida while they were trying to discover the nature of a mysterious phenomenon in the swamplands. The phenomenon involves an expanding iridescent membrane that swallows everything around it. It is another one of the best adventure movies in jungle .

The Legend of Tarzan – 2016

The movie set in 1884 when King Leopold II of Belgium claimed the Congo Basin, and sent his envoy there to secure the diamond mining and bring it to him, but his expedition was massacred by a group of warriors lead by John Clayton (Tarzan), after that John Clayton married a British woman but Leopold demanded that he goes back to Congo for his interest.

The Road to El Dorado – 2000

An animation movie about El Dorado the lost city of gold, and two swindlers who found a map that lead to it, after a series of failed heists they found themselves riding a ship in the sea, and surprisingly the trip ends up on the shores of El Dorado, not only that but the native people worshiped them. It is another one of the best adventure movies in jungle you will enjoy watching it.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – 2017

A movie starring Johnny Depp. It is about the cursed Captain Salazar who looking for his epic enemy the famous Captain Jack Sparrow after he escape from the Devil’s triangle. While Jack meets a boy that wants him to find the Trident of Poseidon, it is also the goal of Carina Smyth the astronomer who wants to join them to fulfil her father’s dream.

Platoon – 1986 (best adventure movies in jungle)

The story about a young man called Chris Taylor who gives up everything that matters to him; his college, family, and friends, all to become a solider and join the troops in Vietnam, but soon he realized that he just did the biggest mistake in his life, and he found himself between a group of soldiers that doesn’t care about killing innocent people, he is suffering psychologically and is in conflict between his team and his enemy.

Anacondas: The Hunt for the Blood Orchid – 2004

In a human journey to find the fountain of youth and health, a corporation sponsored a scientific expedition to Borneo, were the rare Blood Orchid blossoms for 2 weeks. The director of the scientific expedition is Dr. Jack Byron, but before they reach their goal they realized that it is the raining season and no one can go there on foot. They pay too much money to Captain Bill Johnson to sail with them but they ended up in an anacondas field.

Up – 2009 (best adventure movies in jungle)

Carl Fredricksen is a young man who thought many times about exploring South America and finding the lost paradise, but instead of that he married the girl of his dream, and they lived together until she died. Now an old man, he got the chance to make his dream come true with a flying house elevated by thousands of balloons and a little boy called Scout Russell.

Gods of Egypt – 2016

The movie is about an Egyptian mythology, where the god of darkness Set took Egypt’s throne and plunged the peaceful country in conflict and chaos, and nobody dared to face him or rebel against him until a young thief aided by the power of Horus defeats him and ends the age of darkness. Another best adventure movies in jungle you will have fun with it.

Jurassic Park III – 2001(best adventure movies in jungle)

Dr. Alan Grant felt happy at last after he announces for everyone that he will never return back to the island for any reason, but as usual he found a good reason for that, and that reason was Paul Kirby and his wife Amanda. Dr. Grant becomes their guide in a trip to Isla Sorna, but he found himself on a stranded island for another reason searching for something he did not expect.

The Expendables 2 – 2012

An action movie starring Sylvester Stallone and Jason Statham, about Barney Ross who leads a group of Mercenaries hired by the CIA for an operation in the Soviet Union. The mission is to find the site of a plane crash. They also sent a woman named Maggie with him to be sure that he found the site. The reason they want to find the plane is that it was storing plutonium.

The Lion King – 2019

An animation about the King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi who live in the African jungles. One day, an heir to the kingdom was born, a lion cub they called Simba. Simba becomes their pride and joy, but his uncle Scar wants to get the throne and kills his brother in pursuit of that goal. Not only that, but he convinces the young Simba that it is all his fault.

Kong: Skull Island – 2017

A movie starring Tom Hiddleston and Samuel L. Jackson about a monster chaser team working with the United States government. The team went on a scientific trip to an island called “Skull Island” in the South Pacific. Once they arrived, they found new and different species of wild creatures there; the island it is as stunning as it is deadly. It is a nice addition to the adventure jungle movies list you can watch.

GoldenEye – 1995 (best adventure movies in jungle)

A James Bond movie starring Pierce Brosnan, and one of the best adventure movies in jungle about a weapon called “GoldenEye”, stolen by a criminal mastermind and took off to Russia. The weapon is lethal because it can send a strong electromagnetic field to Earth, and only agent 007 can bring it back and keep everybody safe.

The Jungle Book – 2016

Mowgli  is a young “man cub” living in the jungle and raised by a family of wolves, until the evil tiger Shere Khan tries to kill him and becomes a constant threat to his life, so Bagheera the black panther decides to take him to the nearest village to let other humans take care of him, but Mowgli has lived in the jungle all his life and prefers it, so he went on a wonderful adventure in the jungle and decided to face Bagheera and stop Shere Khan’s threat.

The Bridge on the River Kwai – 1957

The movie is set in World War II when the war prisoners in Japan were ordered to build a bridge between Burma and Siam for a railway line. They want to complete it in spite of their own instincts, just to accomplish something and raise their spirits. They follow the leader Nicholson, but soon they realized that they are giving their enemy an important advantage.

Predators  – 2010 (best adventure movies in jungle)

A movie starring Adrien Brody and one of the best adventure movies in jungle about a group of people who found themselves in a jungle, not only that, but they discover that they are on another plant! The group consists of Russian Spetsnaz, a mercenary named Royce, an Israeli sniper, an officer named Mombasa and a drug cartel enforcer.

The Ghost and the Darkness – 1996

A movie starring Michael Douglas, about Sir Robert Beaumont who is supervising a construction project to make a railway in Africa. He hired a new engineer called John Henry to be on the schedule, but a mysteries murder happened in the location, and everybody thinks a lion did it, so Sir Robert hired a professional hunter called Charles Remington to hunt the creature responsible.

Rambo: First Blood Part II – 1985

A famous movie starring Sylvester Stallone and a nice addition to the best jungle adventure movies list. It is about John Rambo who is set free by his commander Colonel Sam Trautman, to send him back to the jungles of Vietnam. His mission this time is find any evidence of American POWs. It is a dangerous place full of Soviet soldiers. Could he accomplished his mission this time?

Plane – 2023 (best adventure movies in jungle)

A movie starring Gerard Butler, about a pilot called Brodie Torrance who rescued his passengers from a violent lightning strike. He crash-landed the plane on an island, and soon they face another risk, because they are taken hostage by a group of rebels. Their only hope is to set free a murderer called Louis Gaspare, who was transported on the plane with them.

Allan Quatermain and The Lost City of Gold – 1986

The movie is about the adventurer Allan Quatermain who finds a piece of gold that can lead to his missing brother, so he forms a team again with his friend Jesse Huston and goes on a new adventure together in the wild jungles of Africa. The gold points to a legendary white tribe in the city of the gold which is controlled by lord Agon the villain.

Tears of the Sun – 2003

The movie is about a Nigerian military coup lead by General Mustafa Yakubu, who killed the President Samuel Azuka and started an ethnic war between the Muslims in the North and the Christians in the South. This forces all foreigners to leave the country under the supervision of Lieutenant A.K. Waters and his navy team.

Avatar: The Way of Water – 2022  

Another one of the best adventure movies in jungle set in year 2170 on plant Pandora, where the local people are living in a paradise away from earth, including Marine veteran Jake Sully and his partner Neytiri, they have everything they need and live in peace after a series of unpleasant events that happened in the last movie, but again they found themselves facing a ghost from the past.

Black Panther – 2018

A story about Prince T’Challa of Wakanda, which is an advanced country dependant on a rare element, and they keep it a secret from all their neighbors, but the challenge comes from inside the country when two foes conspire together to destroy it, so Prince T’Challa cooperates with Everett K. Ross the C.I.A. agent to prevent that.

The Super Mario Bros. Movie – 2023

An animation movie and one of the best adventure movies in jungle starring Chris Pratt. It is about Mario the plumber from Brooklyn who went on an adventure to the Mushroom Kingdom to find his dear brother Luigi. Mario does not go alone but he took with him princess Peach and Toad the mushroom, they all together face the evil Koopa who breathe fire.

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