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There is no doubt that Africa adventure movies are the best, because it’s a wonderful location, and can offer you different experiences. From Uganda's forest, to East African savannas and the Namibian desert, you have multiple choices to spend the most wonderful time in the wild with the movies shot there.

There is no doubt that Africa adventure movies are the best, because it’s a wonderful location, and can offer you different experiences. From Uganda’s forest, to East African savannas and the Namibian desert, you have multiple choices to spend the most wonderful time in the wild with the movies shot there.

Blood Diamond – 2006

The movie starring Leonardo DiCaprio, and it’s a story about Danny Archer who works in selling diamonds, and uses it in political conflicts, until he met Solomon and Maddy, who change his mind dramatically.

The Legend of Tarzan – 2016 (Africa adventure movies)

A move featuring a group of stars such as Christoph Waltz, Samuel L. Jackson and Margot Robbie, and a remake of the famous tale of Tarzan the jungle boy. This time he is John Clayton, who went to Africa with his parents and was raised by an ape. He goes back to England with Jane, the woman he loves, and tries to adapt to their society, but the king forces him to go back to Africa to get advantages over him.

The Ghost and the Darkness – 1996

The film starring Michael Douglas and one of the Africa adventure movies full of drama and thrill. It is about Sir Robert Beaumont who supervises some contract work in Africa, but his men were attacked by a lion. It makes him hire a professional lion hunter called Charles Remington, who seems like he found a real challenge this time.

Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa – 2008

A funny and interesting animation movie and the second in a trilogy, starring Ben Stiller. It is about the lion Alex who went to Africa to find his roots and knows more about his species and his legacy as a prince. It is one of the best adventure movies in Africa you can watch.

Gorillas in the Mist – 1988 (Africa adventure movies)

A movie starring Sigourney Weaver, about a Dian Fossey who studies the life of gorillas, and her struggling to keep their species and stop killing them by the hunters. It is a real story and one of the best adventure movies in Africa.

Black Panther – 2018

A fantasy Marvel movie starring Chadwick Boseman, about T’Challa the king of Wakanda, which is an advanced country trying to keep their technology hidden from others. The king needs to keep his country on top and face an enemy from the past.

Hatari – 1962 (Africa adventure movies)

A movie directed by Howard Hawks, about Sean Mercer who works as a hunter bringing wild animals to the zoos. He decided to hire a photographer to document his dangerous job, but he is surprised to find out she is a woman. After a while he knows that she is good enough for this job, and for his heart.

I Dreamed of Africa – 2000

A movie starring Kim Basinger and one of the Africa adventure movies, about a young woman named Kuki who has a lot of problems in her life which made her say yes to a proposal from a man she did not know very well, and to go with him and her son to Kenya to start a cattle ranch. She is not used to the wildlife there and is thinking seriously about going back home to her mother.

Madagascar – 2005 (Africa adventure movies)

First movie in the trilogy starring Ben Stiller and Chris Rock, about Marty the zebra who misses his life in African jungles, and escapes from his cage in Central Park zoo on his 10th birthday, his friends Alex the lion, Gloria the hippo, and Melman the giraffe try to find him and get him back to the zoo but it ends up with all of them in Madagascar.

The Dogs of War – 1980

Another one of the Africa adventure movies starring Christopher Walken. Jamie Shannon is a mercenary sent to a small African country named Zangaro for British mining interests, but the government there finds him and arrest him. He becomes a friend for Dr. Okoye one of the regime oppositionists. Jamie gets released and goes back to London after a wile, but he gets another chance to go to Zangaro again to cause a military coup.

Born Free – 1966 (Africa adventure movies)

Joy and George Adamson are a married couple lives in Kenya. George is working as a game warden; he has to deal with dangerous animals and keep people and crops safe from them. He kills a lion and a lioness, but they have 3 cubs, so he and his wife decide to raise one as a pet animal and send the other two to the zoo.

White Lion – 2010

The movie is about a remote valley in Africa called Shangaan, people there believe that the white lion is a messenger from their god. They did not get one in their valley for years and years, until one cub was born, so they call it Letsatsi. This cub is protected by a young man called Gisani, and they learn together how to stay alive in the jungle and keep this precious animal away from the hunters.

The Last King of Scotland – 2006  

A great movie and one of the best adventure movies in Africa starring James McAvoy and Forest Whitaker. The story is about General Idi Amin the president of Uganda from the point of view of a Scottish physician called Nicholas Garrigan, who considers him a megalomaniac.

Zulu – 1964 (Africa adventure movies)

The movie is set in 1879 and talks about the war between British people and the people of Zululand, South Africa, and how the Zulu surrounded 150 British soldiers in a British outpost but they did not surrender.

The Bucket List – 2007

A movie starring Jack Nicholson and Morgan Freeman. It tells the story of Edward Cole the multi-billionaire who runs a big famous hospital strictly, but when he gets ill he becomes best-friends with another patient called Carter Chambers, who is a mechanic. Both of them decide to do everything they want before they die.

Captain Phillips – 2013

One of the Africa adventure movies starring Tom Hanks, based on a true story of the U.S. container ship Maersk which was hijacked by Somali pirates in 2009, and how the ship Captain deals with them until they solve the problem.

Holiday in the Wild – 2019

A movie starring Ron Lowe and Kristin Davis. It is about Kate who is dumped by her husband at the eve of her dream trip to Africa, which makes her decide to go alone. While she’s there, she becomes a friend of an animal rights activist that cares about elephants.

Casablanca – 1942 (Africa adventure movies)

A movie directed by Michael Curtiz, about Rick Blaine who owns a night club in Casablanca in the era of World War II. He is hosting all kinds of refugees and lets them receive illegal messages, helping them to go to the United State of America. One day he gets unexpected customers and those are the love of his life Ilsa with her husband. This encounter turns his life head over heels.

Black Hawk Down –  2001

One of the Africa adventure movies starring Josh Hartnett and directed by Ridley Scott, about an American mission in Mogadishu, the Somalian capital, where 100 soldiers from the Rangers headed by  Capt. Mike Steele had started a war in 1993, leading to a disaster.

The Siege of Jadotville – 2016

The movie set in 1961 when the United Nations sent Commandant Pat Quinlan with his soldiers to Katanga, Congo, to protect the people of this mining city from civil war.

Tears of the Sun – 2003

A movie starring Bruce Willis and Monica Bellucci and it is one of the adventure movies set in Africa about Lieutenant A.K. Waters who was sent with his crew to Nigeria after a coup, but they found themselves in a difficult choice between their conscience and the orders they must follow. They follow their conscience regardless of the consequences and protect the innocent refugees.

Mandela: Long Walk To Freedom – 2013 

A movie starring Idris Elba about the biography of Nelson Mandela in his struggle for freedom in South Africa, and how he pays the ultimate price for his beliefs. It is one of the Africa adventure movies that deserve watching.

The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind – 2019

A movie starring Chiwetel Ejiofor, about a 14th years old Malawian boy named William Kamkwamba, who uses his advanced understanding of physics to build a wind generator for his family and provide them with the electricity they need.

Out of Africa  – 1985 (Africa adventure movies)

Another one of the Africa adventure movies starring Meryl Streep and Robert Redford, the movie is about Karen Blixen the Danish baroness who chose to establish her plantation in colonial Kenya. She feels conflicted between her husband who offers her convenience and the love of her heart. She also finds time for the plantation and teaching the natives.

Hotel Rwanda – 2004 

A movie starring Don Cheadle, Sophie Okonedo and Joaquin Phoenix, about the civil war in Rwanda between the Hutus and Tutsis that happened in 1994. The movie is from the point of view of Paul Rusesabagina, a married Hutu man managing a hotel named Des Milles Collines in Kigali, on behalf of the national airline of Belgium. Paul protects all the people that went to the hotel during the civil war and helps UN peacekeeping forces and the Red Cross.

Timbuktu – 2014 (Africa adventure movies)

Kidane is a cattle herder living in Timbuktu, the ancient Malian city, with his wife and kids. They try to lead a peaceful life away from the center of the city which is ruled by Jihadists. There, everything is forbidden from music to soccer, even laughter.

The Good Lie – 2014 

A movie is starring Reese Witherspoon, and it’s about Sudanese refugees who get their chance to live and work in the United States of America. They settled down in Kansas City, Missouri, and meet Carrie the employment agency counselor who takes care of them and becomes their friend, which changes their lives for the better.

Blended – 2014

A comedy movie and one of the Africa adventure movies starring Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore. It is about Jim and Lauren who went on a blind date and decid that they don’t want to see each other ever again, but they find themselves in a situation with each other and with their kids in an African Safari vacation and had to blend.

The African Queen – 1951

A movie starring Charlie Allnutt and Katharine Hepburn. It is set during World War I when a Canadian riverboat captain was obliged to attack a German gunship, persuaded by an English missionary called Samuel Sayre, so the German force burned down his mission. This forces his sister to run away on a river steamboat called “The African Queen”.

The Naked Prey – 1965

Another one of the Africa adventure movies starring and directed by Cornel Wilde, and it is about a group of men that went for a safari trip, but they did not bring a gift for the tribe. The tribe becomes offended and kills everyone except one of them. He got one chance to escape with his life.

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