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The most distinguished thing about the best new Netflix series and Netflix’s production in general, is their attempt to attract a diverse segment of viewers and address many cultures.

Therefore, you can find on Netflix many Korean dramas alongside Indian, Arab, and American dramas, etc.

Take a look at the most recent drama series, and pick your favorites.

The Brothers Sun Season 1

A comedy series and one of the best drama series on Netflix created by Brad Falchuk, and starring Michelle Yeoh, Sam Song Li, and Justin Chien.

Series Plot

The main character in the series is Charles Sun, the gangster who is operating as a hit-man in Taipei.

When Sun’s father is killed in mysteries circumstances, he prepares himself to go back to Los Angeles to join his family, in order to protect his mother and brother, who don’t know anything about his criminal life.

Series Time: 8 Episodes.

Series Type: Action, Comedy and Drama.

Boy Swallows Universe Season 1

A mystery drama and one of the best new Netflix releases directed by Jocelyn Moorhouse, and starring Simon Baker, Bryan Brown and Phoebe Tonkin.

Series Plot

The series is set in 1985, from the point of view of Eli Bell, the boy who lives in Brisbane.

Eli’s life is so complicated, his mother is a junkie, her husband is a drug dealer, his father is lost, and his brother cannot talk.

Eli wants to be a good person and follow his heart between all of this.

Series Time: 7 Episodes, 58 minutes / episode.

Series Type: Crime, Mystery and Drama.

Ripley Season 1

A crime series directed by Steven Zaillian, and starring Andrew Scott and Dakota Fanning, and it is a great addition to the best new Netflix series list.

Series Plot

The series is set in 1961, from the point of view of Tom Ripley, who is a fraudster.

Tom found his dream job when a millionaire called Herbert Greenleaf hired him to convince his son Dickie who is living a luxurious life in Italy, and spending a lot of money there, to come back to New York. 

Tom promise to do the job, but he has his own motivations to accept.

Series Time: 8 Episodes, 1 hour / episode.

Series Type: Crime, Thriller and Drama.

Griselda Season 1

The series is a biography shedding a light on Griselda Blanco’s life, who died in 2012.

It is directed by Andrés Baiz, and starring Sofía Vergara and Alberto Guerra, and it is one of the best Netflix series 2024 you can enjoy watching it now.

Series Plot

Griselda Blanco, is a business woman who became the most famous Colombian cocaine trafficker.

Griselda has it all, charm, power, intelligent and savagery, it all makes her deserving of her title as a “Black Widow”.

Series Time: 6 Episodes, 55 minutes / episode.

Series Type: Crime, Biography and Drama.

One Day Season 1

A romance created by Nicole Taylor, and starring Leo Woodall, and Ambika Mod. This series is an excellent addition to the best new Netflix series list.

Series Plot

The story is set in 1988 about Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley, the college students. Their graduation day is coming and they know they will separate from each other.

They have a unique connection and they knew it, so they stay best friends, although they lead different lives.

After 20 years of their graduation, each one of them becomes different than the person they dreamed of becoming.

But after all they learned much about life, love and hope.

Series Time: 14 Episodes, 28 minutes / episode.

Series Type: Comedy, Romance and Drama.

Sweet Tooth Season 3

A new season of one of the best drama series on Netflix created by Jim Mickle, and starring Nonso Anozie and Christian Convery.

Series Plot

It is a post-apocalyptic world, where there’s a strange hybrid strain of people.

The other people become fearful of these human hybrids who have human parts and animal parts in their bodies.

They do not know whether they were infected by some kind of lethal virus or if they are just mutants.

They hunt them, forcing them to run away into forest, but a new friendship is born between a hybrid deer-boy called Gus, and a man called Jepperd.

They both went on an adventure and learn from each other about life and the new world.

Series Time: 8 Episodes, 50 minutes / episode.

Series Type: Action, Adventure and Drama.

The Gentlemen Season 1

A crime series created by Guy Ritchie, and starring Theo James and Kaya Scodelario, and it is another one of the best new Netflix series you can watch now.

Series Plot

The story is about Eddie Horniman, the aristocratic man who has inherited his family estate.

But soon he learns that everything has a dark side, and the wealth he lives in, is dependent on weed trade.

Now he has to choose between his life as an honest man, or become involved with the criminal underworld in his town.

Series Time: 8 Episodes, 50 minutes / episode.

Series Type: Action, Comedy and Crime.

Baby Reindeer Season 1

A biography about a writer that was chased by a female stalker called Martha Scott, created by Richard Gadd and starring Jessica Gunning and Richard Gadd.

Series Plot

The series is based on a true story and the main character is Donny Dunn. the writer and actor.

Donny found himself chased by a stalker woman, after offering her a cup of tea.

This incidence makes him face a dark secret in his life, which he tried his best to bury.

When Donny was younger, he was being mentored by Darrien O’Connor the TV writer.

Darrien used to supply him with drugs and he sexually assaults Donny under the influence of drugs.

He reports Martha to the police for stalking and she went to jail for 9 months.

Series Time: 7 Episodes, 30 minutes / episode.

Series Type: Biography and Crime.

3 Body Problem Season 1

A fantasy drama, and one of the best Netflix series 2024 directed by Minkie Spiro and Jeremy Podeswa, and starring Jovan Adepo and Liam Cunningham.

Series Plot

The series begins when the Cultural Revolution in China happens in the 1960s.

From the point of view of Ye Wenjie who saw her father murdered by the regime.

They sent her to a remote military base, in this base there is a huge radio telescope dish.

Then, and in our present days, Vera Ye, the physicist working in Oxford, UK, the daughter of Ye Wenjie, killed herself in mysterious circumstances.

Detective Clarence investigates the suicide, and faces many cases of scientists’ suicides.

He is trying to find out what is going on and what is making them kill themselves.

They are all scientists and they also have a suspicious advanced virtual reality gaming headset.

Series Time: 10 Episodes, 1 hour / episode.

Series Type: Adventure, Drama and Fantasy.

Bridgerton Season 3

A romance drama created by Chris Van Dusen, starring Nicola Coughlan, Claudia Jessie and Luke Thompson.

Series Plot

The story is about eight siblings from a very powerful and wealthy family called Bridgerton who live in London.

They are all looking for love, and in this season, it is the time for Francesca Bridgerton to rise and take her place in society.

She is a shy piano player, and she is so peaceful and quit.

But Francesca and her siblings always find themselves under fire in the tabloids.

Series Time: 8 Episodes, 1 hour / episode.

Series Type: Drama and Romance.

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