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Freedom is a natural desire, which is why human history is full of revolutionary action. Although slavery used to be more overt, modern-day slavery is more hidden and often flies under the radar, it also has many forms, such as sex trafficking, bonded labor, forced labor, child recruiting, child soldiers, child sex trafficking, and Domestic Servitude. This has made the search for liberty more difficult than ever. New freedom movies shine a light on all these hidden forms of slavery, allowing modern audiences to become more aware of it. Find here a list of new freedom movies and stay informed.

Sound of Freedom – 2023

A biography and crime movie created by Alejandro Monteverde, and starring Jim Caviezel and Mira Sorvino. The movie is one of the new freedom movies about federal agent Tim Ballard who rescues a young boy from child-traffickers, and tries his best to rescue his sister alongside hundreds of other children. He leaves his job and going after the traffickers into the Colombian jungle, putting his own life at risk.

Wonka – 2023

An adventure comedy movie and one of the new freedom movies you can enjoy with your family. The movie is directed by Paul King and starring Timothée Chalamet and Murray McArthur. It’s Willy Wonka the magician and chocolate maker, who went to Europe to open his chocolate shop, but he faced a powerful resistance from the “Chocolate Cartel” who is monopolizing the whole industry, never giving the chance for anyone else to compete them. Wonka fights back with some help from his new friend Noodle using the tunnels underneath the city. Could he liberate the industry from the Monopolists?

Napoleon – 2023

A biography movie directed by Ridley Scott, and starring Joaquin Phoenix and Vanessa Kirby. The movie is about the life of Napoleon Bonaparte, and his real-life journey toward power and greatness, starting from the French Revolution 1793 and the beheading of Marie Antoinette. The movie highlights his personal life, including his legendary relationship with Josephine, his wife who cheated on him with Hippolyte Charles who is 10 years younger than her. It also shows us his battles tactics, and his political savvy to get what he wants, until he become Emperor of the French in 1804. The movie also depicts his fall from power.

Pursuit of Freedom – 2022

Another one of the new freedom movies based on a true story, the movie created by George A. Johnson and starring Jessica Koloian and Stelio Savante. The movie is about a Ukrainian woman sold by human trafficking gangsters from Russia. They took her from her three children, but she runs away from her captors with some help from an Armenian missionary and Dutch nurse, and finally she returns back to her children.  

Freedom’s path – 2022

A drama, history movie created by Brett Smith and starring Gerran Howell and RJ Cyler. The movie is about William the Union soldier who escapes from a battle and is taken to a safe shelter by a black man named Kitch. Kitch is a member in a secret community working to liberate the slaves, they are running their operations from an underground railroad, but their secret place has been discovered by a ruthless slave catcher who tries his best to destroy them at any cost.

RRR (Rise Roar Revolt) – 2022

An action-drama Indian movie, and one of the new freedom movies created by S.S. Rajamouli, and starring N.T. Rama Rao Jr., Ram Charan and Ajay Devgn. The movie is about Malli the young Indian girl who was taken by Scott Buxton the British governor and his wife Catherine by force from her family. On the other side there’s Rama Raju the Indian cop who is working for the British army and hates revolutionary Indians so much. When The British government knows that Komaram Bheem is trying to find Malli and rescue her from them, they announce a special promotion for any cop that can arrest him before he completes his plan. Rama Raju is thrilled by the opportunity, and promises to bring him alive or dead to the governor and his wife. Could Komaram Bheem succeed in his mission and give Malli her freedom?

Give Me Liberty – 2019

A comedy, drama movie and one of the new freedom movies you can watch now. The movie is created by Kirill Mikhanovsky and starring Chris Galust, and Lauren ‘Lolo’ Spencer. It’s about Vic the medical transport driver who took a group of seniors and a boxer from Russia to a funeral, risking his job. He got some help from a young woman called Tracy suffering from ALS. They all try to rise above their restrictions including age and illness.

God’s Not Dead: We the People – 2021

A drama, fantasy movie directed by Vance Null, and starring David A.R. White and William Forsythe, the movie about Reverend Dave who called by the government to defend some Christian families who decided to homeschool their children. Dave believes that it’s their right to choose the suitable way to teach their kids, and find this interference from the government unacceptable. This leads the American congress to call him to testify, which may determine the religious freedom in the whole country’s future.

Stillwater – 2021

A crime, mystery movie and one of the new freedom movies directed by Tom McCarthy and starring Matt Damon, and Camille Cottin. The movie is about Bill Baker the oil-rig worker who lost his job and residence at Stillwater, Oklahoma. Baker has a lot of problems in his life to worry about, but he left everything behind him and seeks his daughter’s freedom after she has been found guilty in a murder case. He believed in her innocence, so he traveled to Marseilles, France, and faces a lot of hurdles including language and cultural differences, as well as the legal complexity to clear his daughter’s name, giving her freedom and building a new bond with her.

Don’t Look Up – 2021

A comedy Sci-fi movie that wants to liberate people’s brains from the media. The movie is created by Adam McKay, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, Jennifer Lawrence, Meryl Streep and Cate Blanchett. The movie is about a comet orbiting Earth, discovered by professor Dr. Randall Mindy and his student Kate Dibiasky, and both of them become sure it will hit Earth and may be the end of all life as we know it. When they announce their discovery, they got a strange reaction from everyone, they felt that nobody cares about the impending disaster. Instead, they are using it as media fodder to get attention and improve their industry! Even President Orlean did not care about it, because she has a protected shelter that may keep her and her son alive after all, but when the comet becomes too close, and everyone believes that the collapse will happen soon, everything changes.

Rustin – 2023

A biography and another one of the new freedom movies about human right defender Bayard Rustin. The movie is set in 1963, and it shows us how Rustin became a political activist after he believed in Martin Luther King’s thoughts. Rustin arranged a freedom march with more than one hundred thousand people, to support Civil rights in his country and fight against racism and homophobia. The movie is directed by George C. Wolfe, and is starring Colman Domingo and Chris Rock.

The Mauritanian – 2021

Another biography. The movie is about the freedom fighter Mohamedou Ould Slahi who was detained in a U.S prison without charges for years. The movie is directed by Kevin Macdonald, and starring Tahar Rahim and Mohamedou’s Niece. The movie is based on “Guantánamo Diary” published by the New York times, and shows us the struggle of Mohamedou Ould Slahi for freedom, and how Nancy Hollander his defending attorney stands with him and works hard to get him free. The movie also highlights the secrets revealed by Lt. Colonel Stuart Couch, which shocks everyone that knows about it.

Devotion– 2022

A Biography action movie about two U.S. pilots that fought in the Korean War. The movie is directed by J.D. Dillard, starring Jonathan Majors and Glen Powell. The movie is set in 1950, and tells the true story of Ensign Jesse Brown and Lt Tom Hudner from the Navy Fighter Squadron VF-32. Both of them join the U.S army in the Korean War and become close friends, watching each other’s backs. Their friendship is tested when one of them makes an aircraft crash and the other puts his life at risk to rescue him and bring him home safe.

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Gretel & Hansel – 2020

A fantasy Horror movie and another one of the new freedom movies you can enjoy watching now. The movie is directed by Oz Perkins, starring Sophia Lillis and Samuel Leakey.

The movie is about Gretel and Hansel the sister and brother who were having a hard time getting a job, so their mother sent them away to support themselves. They tried to find their way through the dark forest, without enough food or clothes. On their way they find a warm house and smell delicious food prepared inside it.

They decide to stay for a while inside this house with it’s owner which is an old lady, but day by day they discovered many secrets that may prevent them from getting out alive, so they seek their way out before it is too late.

News of the World – 2020

An action-adventure movie directed by Paul Greengrass starring Tom Hanks and Helena Zengel. The movie is set five years after the American Civil War, from the point of view of Captain Jefferson Kyle Kidd, a veteran who fought in three wars and became a storyteller, moving from place to place, sharing world news with people. On the plains of Texas he met Johanna, a ten-year-old girl taken by the Kiowa people, and living with them for six years. She was sent with him against her will to her uncle and aunt, and they both go through dangerous places and events trying to find a safe place to call home.

Judas and the Black Messiah – 2021

A biography and history movie, and one of the new freedom movies. It is created by Shaka King, starring LaKeith Stanfield and Daniel Kaluuya.

The movie is set in 1966 about William O’Neal, the 17-year-old car thief, who made an agreement with FBI agent Roy Martin Mitchell to clear his name. The agreement included infiltrating the Black Panther Party in Illinois, to stop their activities. The party is led by Fred Hampton, the charismatic leader who achieves unexpected success and makes powerful alliances. This arrangement puts William O’Neal in a very bad situation, like Judas who was a traitor between the Messiah followers.

Emancipation – 2022

An action-thriller movie and a great addition to the new freedom movies list. The movie is directed by Antoine Fuqua, starring Will Smith and Ben Foster. It’s set in 1863, from the point of view of Gordon the black slave who lives in Louisiana, dreaming about freedom for himself and everyone else in his situation. On his way to freedom he joins Lincoln Army, and fights for dignity and honor, saving his brothers and sisters in humanity and trying his best to stop the illusion of the white race supremacy.

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Disco Boy – 2023

A drama movie created by Giacomo Abbruzzese and starring Morr Ndiaye and ahab Oladiti. It is about Aleksei who went to Paris to join the Foreign Legion, and Jomo who is living in the Niger Delta and fought against the oil companies who want to destroy his village and his family. Jomo joins an armed group and kidnaps some French soldiers. To save these French soldiers, Aleksei, alongside the Foreign Legion commando force is sent to the Niger Delta to set them free. This puts Aleksei and Jomo on opposite sides of the battle, and their destiny entwined.

Harriet – 2019

A biography action movie created by Kasi Lemmons, starring Cynthia Erivo and Janelle Monáe. It’s about the life of Harriet Tubman the iconic American human rights defender.

The movie is set in the 1840s in Maryland, when Araminta Ross who is a slave marries a free man called John Tubman. She was working in the Brodess farm with her mother and sisters before her two sisters were sold to another slave owner. She tried with her free father to get her freedom from her master, but he refused, so she prayed and prayed for a while, as the master mocked her and told her that God never listens to a slave’s prayer. Soon enough, the master died, but this only made his son sell her as a punishment. She never gives up and seeks freedom for the rest of her life.

Six Triple Eight – 2024

A historical war movie and one of the latest additions to the new freedom movies list, directed by Tyler Perry, starring Kerry Washington and Susan Sarandon.

It’s about World War II when the American army changed its priorities and stopped delivering the mail sent to soldiers. However, this affects the soldiers’ morale because they lost contact with their family and loved ones, so the American Army sent the 6888th Battalion, which consists of 800 black women to deliver the mail to the soldiers.

The mission is big and the unsent mail has accumulated for years. They need to arrange it and give it to the soldiers, but they persevere and do their job, giving the soldiers and their families hope.

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