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The Australian sense of humor is very special, it’s ironic, irreverent, and makes you laugh from the bottom of your heart, find here the Australian comedy series on Hulu and have fun watching

The Australian sense of humor is very special. It’s ironic, irreverent and makes you laugh from the bottom of your heart. Find here the australian comedy series on hulu and have fun watching.

Mr. Inbetween

An australian comedy series on hulu you can watch now, created by Scott Ryan, directed by Nash Edgerton, and starring Scott Ryan, Chika Yasumura, Justin Rosniak, Damon Herriman, Brooke Satchwell, Nicholas Cassim and Natalie Tran.

Series Plot

The series is about Ray Shoesmith who is working as a hitman. He is charismatic, volatile, and has a dark sense of humor. He has a hard time navigating his work and also keeping his romantic relationship and friendship.

It is a difficult role performed very well by Scott Ryan, the story is inspired from a famous movie called “The Magician”.

Series time: 26 Episode – 30 minute / Episode

Series Type: Comedy, Crime, and Drama.

Blackadder (australian comedy series on hulu)

Another australian comedy series on hulu you can watch now, although it is an old series from 1980s’ but still it is so funny – thanks for Rowan Atkinson – and you will spend a nice time with it.

The series was created by Richard Curtis and Rowan Atkinson, directed by Martin Shardlow, Geoff Posner, and starring Rowan Atkinson, Elspet Gray, Patrick Allen, Brian Blessed, Tony Robinson, Robert East, and Bert Parnaby.

Series Plot

The series is set at the end of the War of the Roses in England, when Richard III died in a battle and his nephew Richard IV took his place. His son Prince Edmund who called himself “Black Adder” is disliked by everyone in court, and yet he sets out to take his father’s throne. However, it’s not an easy task because Prince Edmund is a coward and acts like a toddler.

Series time: 7 Episode – 3 hours and 15 minutes.

Series Type: Comedy.

Offspring (australian comedy series on hulu)

One of the australian comedy show hulu streaming now, created by Jonathan Gavin, Michael Lucas and Imogen Banks, directed by Kate Dennis, Emma Freeman, and Shirley Barrett, and starring Asher Keddie, Kat Stewart, Richard Davies, Linda Cropper, Alicia Gardiner, and Deborah Mailman.

Series Plot

Nina Proudman is a gynecologist, she is thirty years old, she is searching for love in her life and trying to create the balance between all the chaos of modern-day life. The series is a cocktail of laughter, love, sex, food and newborn babies.

Series time: 86 Episode – 1 hours / Episode.

Series Type: Comedy and Drama.

The Unusual Suspects

Another australian comedy series on hulu you can watch and have fun, the series created by Mark O’Toole, Vonne Patiag, and Jessica Redenbach, directed by Natalie Bailey, and Melvin J. Montalban, and starring Miranda Otto, Aina Dumlao, Lena Cruz, Michelle Vergara Moore, Sandy Gore, and Matt Day.

Series Plot

Roxanne Waters is a Filipina businesswoman who is self-made, her multi-million-dollar necklace was stolen in her twins’ birthday party, the police investigation about the crime exposes some forbidden affairs and shady business deals, and put everyone under suspicions.

Series time: 4 Episode.

Series Type: Comedy, Crime and Drama.

The Family Law

Another australian comedy series streaming now. The series created by Benjamin Law, and Kirsty Fisher, directed by Ben Chessell, Jonathan Brough, and Sophie Miller, and starring Trystan Go, Fiona Choi, Anthony Brandon Wong, Shuang Hu, Karina Lee, Vivian Wei, Bethany Whitmore, Sam Cotton and Kimie Tsukakoshi.

Series Plot

The series is about a Chinese-Australian family, who had a lot of troubles in their life, the 14 years old son Benjamin Law dreams of becoming a movie star, while his parents are seriously considering getting a divorce, so Benjamin Law finds himself in summer involved in real-life drama, not acting one.

Series time: 18 Episode – 27 minutes / Episode.

Series Type: Comedy and Drama.

The Other Guy (australian comedy series on hulu)

An australian sitcom on hulu created by Becky Lucas, Tristram Baumber, and Kacie Anning, directed by Kacie Anning, and Gracie Otto, and starring Matt Okine, Harriet Dyer, Valene Kane, Michael-Anthony Taylor, Christiaan Van Vuuren, Michael Hing, and Lily Sullivan.

Series Plot

AJ Amon is a radio presenter, his girlfriend left him for his best friend, they learn she is also pregnant to make the situation more complicated, and now he is single after a long-term relationship of 10 years and feels abandoned.

Series time: 12 Episode – 30 minutes / Episode.

Series Type: Comedy and Drama.

the other guy

Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?

A reality TV show and australian comedy series on hulu created by Monica Ramone and Lucas Mertes, and starring Joan Rivers, Melissa Rivers, Tony Tripoli, Lynne Koplitz, Sabrina Lott-Miller, gregg Alexander, Dominica Westling, Stacy Kaiser, Larry A. Thompson and Peter Tilden.

Series Plot

Joan and Melissa Rivers are a mother and daughter living together and showing us their challenges, they got to stay close every day to solve their daily life problems.

Series time: 34 Episode.

Series Type: Comedy and Reality TV.

Packed to the Rafters

Another australian tv series on hulu you can follow now, created by Bevan Lee, Margaret Wilson, and Marieke Hardy, directed by Pino Amenta, Lynn Hegarty, and Chris Martin-Jones, and starring Rebecca Gibney, Erik Thomson, Michael Caton, George Houvardas, Hugh Sheridan and Angus McLaren.

Series Plot

Dave and Julie Rafter are a happy couple, they have three children: Rachel, Ben and Nathan. On the evening of their celebration of 25 years of marriage they thought the house will be just for them, but they were wrong, because on this night all their children face unexpected problems.

Series time: 122 Episode – 1 hour / Episode.

Series Type: Comedy, Drama and Family.

McLeod’s Daughters

Another australian series hulu streaming now, the series is full of romance and drama, and created by Posie Graeme-Evans, Caroline Stanton, and Sarah Smith, directed by Richard Jasek, and Chris Martin-Jones, and starring Aaron Jeffery, Rachael Carpani, Simmone Mackinnon, Bridie Carter, Myles Pollard, Michala Banas, and Sonia Todd.

Series Plot

Drovers Run is an Australian cattle ranch belonging to Jack McLeod, but after his passing, his two daughters Tess and Jodi inherit the ranch. Tess wants at the beginning to sell her share, get the money and go back to her life, but after a while she decide with her sister to keep the ranch and take care of it.

But that decision is not something easy, they had to stay positive in the face of a lot of difficulties, and work hard to reap the fruits of their labor.

The series is inspired by a very successful movie having the same name produced in 1996.

Series time: 224 Episode – 45 minutes / Episode.

Series Type: Drama and Romance.

Please Like Me (australian comedy series on hulu)

An australian comedy series on hulu that you can watch right now, created by Liz Doran, Hannah Gadsby, and Erik Jensen, directed by Matthew Saville, and Josh Thomas, starring Josh Thomas, Thomas Ward, John the Dog, Debra Lawrance, David Roberts, Renee Lim, and Hannah Gadsby.

Series Plot

Josh is passing through a difficult break up with his girlfriend, that makes him realize that maybe he is different than what he thinks.

At the same time Josh’s mother is suffering from clinical depression and he has to support her, while also taking care of other family members.

Series time: 32 Episode – 29 minutes / Episode.

Series Type: Comedy, Drama and Romance.

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