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Chronological order of Jesse Stone movies

Want to figure out the best order to watch Jesse Stone movies? The Trendy will help you to get all information you need about these nine films, based on nine novels by Robert Barker. The first Novel was published in 1997 under the title “Night Passage” and the last one was “Split Image”, which Parker completed on 2010 before he died and he was not there to see it after publishing. The nine novels were adapted by CBS TV and produced in nine TV movies starting from 2005 and until 2012. Find everything you need to know about these exciting movies in this article, which we hope you can enjoy on your screen later.

Who is Jesse Stone?

Before we list Jesse Stone movies in order to watch we need to talk about the titular character in the movie. Jesse Stone used to be a baseball player until his sports career ended prematurely because of an injury. He is living in Arizona.

Next, he starts another career as a homicide detective, but once again he is forced to quit his job because he suffered from alcohol addiction. He became an alcoholic after his divorce from his lovely wife Jennifer.

He ends up interviewing for a detective role at a small town in Massachusetts, and he shows up drunk to the interview. He only gets hired because the council president in this town is a corrupted man, who was intentionally trying to hire someone incompetent and easy to control.

After a while, Stone notices that the town is like a big crime theater. He is faced with a triple homicide case, and he knows that his job will not be as easy as he thought. However, he takes his job very seriously and reveals the corruption of the town council president, who he ends up arresting.

All of these struggles in Jesse Stone’s life make him popular among his colleagues at the police station, and he makes a lot of good friendships there. This eventful setting allows the author to create nine different novels in the following order:

  • Night Passage – published on September 1997.
  • Trouble in Paradise – Published on September 1998.
  • Death in Paradise – Published on October 2001.
  • Stone Cold – Published on October 2003.
  • Sea Change – Published on February 2006.
  • High Profile – Published on February 2007.
  • Stranger in Paradise – Published on February 2008.
  • Night and day – Published on February 2009.
  • Split Image – Published on February 2010.

Chronological order of Jesse Stone movies

whether you are a fan of drama and action movies, or if you are just a big fan of Tom Selleck, you need to arrange Jesse Stone movies in order to watch because there are so many of them and the timeline can be a little confusing. It’s better to know about his backstory, including how he suffered from injury and from the troubles that happened between him and his wife. You can follow the movies in chronological order as they are listed below:

  • Jesse Stone: Night Passage: this part released in 2006, and it has a runtime of 89 min.
  • Jesse Stone: Stone Cold: released in 2005, with a runtime of 87 min.
  • Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise: released in 2006 and its runtime is 87 min.
  • Jesse Stone: Sea Change – released in 2007 and its runtime is 88 min.
  • Jesse Stone: Thin Ice – released in 2009 and it has a runtime of 88 min.
  • Jesse Stone: No Remorse – released in 2010 with a runtime of 87 min.
  • Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost – released in 2011 with 91 minutes of runtime.
  • Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt – released in 2012 and its runtime is 90 min.
  • Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise – released on 2015 and its runtime is 86 min.

Jesse Stone movies cast

The nine movies have attracted many lovable movie stars in a number of wonderful roles:

  • Tom Selleck as Jesse Stone.
  • Jane Adams as Brianna Lincoln.
  • Reg Rogers as Andrew Lincoln.
  • Viola Davis as Molly Crane.
  • Alexis Dziena as Candace Pennington.
  • Kohl Sudduth as Luther Simpson.
  • Polly Shannon as Abby Taylor.
  • Stephen McHattie as Captain Healy.
  • Shawn Roberts as Bo Marino.
  • Alex House as Kevin Feeney.
  • Mimi Rogers as Rita Fiore.
  • Vito Rezza as Anthony D’Angelo
  • Victoria Snow as Margaret Pennington.
  • Ralph Small as Chuck Pennington.
  • Thomas Gibson as Troy Drake.
  • Tony De Santis as Joe Marino.

The plot of Jesse Stone movies in order of release

If you’d like to watch all the Jesse Stone movies, have a look at this list:

Jesse Stone: Stone Cold

Paradise is a small town in Massachusetts, but this quiet beautiful town is affected by a series of murder cases, beginning with a murder and rape case. Jesse Stone, an experienced police detective can reveal the criminal’s identity, but he gets some challenges in finding the motivation of the crimes and the weapon used, making it harder to build a solid case.

Jesse Stone: Night Passage

Jesse Stone is a detective working in Santa Monica – California, he is an alcoholic which gets him in a lot of trouble while working, so he decides to move to a small town in Massachusetts called “Paradise” with his beloved dog “Boomer” to fill Chief Lou Carson’s place after his retirement. He is accepted for the role by Paradise councilor Hastings Hathaway.

 Jesse Stone’s first assignment in Paradise was hitting Joe Genest, an abusive husband that violated a restraining order. A local attorney called Abbey Taylor visits Jesse Stone after the incident, and they begin an affair.

Later, Lou Carson is killed and Jesse Stone suspects some mobsters and tries to figure out the truth about the murder.

Jesse Stone: Death in Paradise

 It is the third part in Jesse Stone movies in order of release and in this movie the police chief Jesse Stone is trying to solve the murder case of a 14-year-old teen who was found in a lake in Paradise. This time, he teams up with his assistant officer Simpson.

After some investigations, Stone discovers that the famous writer Norman was very close to the victim, so he starts to collect evidence to find the whole truth about the murder.

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Jesse Stone: Sea Change

Jesse Stone in this part tries to keep himself busy to avoid the problems happening between him and his wife. He starts working on an unsolved cold case about a murder that happened during a bank robbery. He also investigates a rape case which puts him in conflict with the Paradise town council, because the council wants to preserve the city’s reputation as the best seaside vacation destination.

Jesse Stone: Thin Ice

Captain Healy and Jesse Stone get shot at during a stakeout in Boston. Additionally, A mysterious message leads a grieving mother to ask Jesse Stone for help with finding her missing son, who was declared dead.

Jesse Stone: No Remorse

In this movie, Jesse Stone was suspended by the town council, so he spends evenings helping his friend Healy (the state homicide commander) in solving a string of murder cases. Jesse tries to focus on his work to keep himself away from alcohol and women, and to have a more stable life. However, his investigation leads him to Gino fish, an influential mob boss with a bad reputation, and his work takes a dangerous turn.

Jesse Stone: Innocents Lost

Jesse Stone investigates the suspicious death of a young friend after his forced retirement, while the Paradise police station members deal with the son-in-law of the town council who became the chief officer.

Jesse Stone: Benefit of the Doubt

The new police chief died in a car explosion, and Stone tries to get his job back. Although he did not like the ex – chief who took his job, he still wants to know the reasons behind his murder.

Stone found a lot of evidence of corruption crimes that the ex-chief was involved in, he suspects that perhaps Hasty knows some more information about the murder so he tries to follow the only lead he has.

Jesse Stone: Lost in Paradise

In this movie, Stone is working as an unpaid consultant for homicide crimes in the State of Massachusetts, after his dog died. He gets involved in a disturbing serial killer case; a man called Richard Steele who people call the “Boston Ripper”

This serial killer admits he did three crimes but refuses to confess to the murder of the fourth one, who is a prostitute.

Meanwhile, Jesse Stone gets a new dog friend and takes care of a rebellious 13-year-old girl.

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