The Boys Hughie Powers Between the Comics and the Show

The Boys Hughie Powers have a bigger meaning in the boys show than you think.

The third season of the know tv show The Boys was released on Amazon Prime this month. And for the First time in the show, this season gave the boys members actual superpowers just like the comics.

What powers does Hughie get in the show

Hughie’s superpowers were first introduced in the show during the old Russian lab scene. when the boys released Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) from the reactor room. We saw Hughie able to teleport in a second from one place to another which makes him even faster than A-Train. But he also had increased strength and agility. But all these powers were temporary the result of temporary compound V.

The most noticeable change on Hughie after that wasn’t the power though, We saw him happy after he attacked someone for the first time in the show. He was smiling on their way out of the lab despite knowing that Kimiko was hurt badly and wasn’t heeling as usual.

We saw Hughie after that confessing to Annie January that he liked the new power because he always felt he was the weak part of their relationship. The powers make him feel that he can protect her.

In the last episode of the boys season 3 though, We saw Hughie ignoring the power. He managed to help Annie from a distance with the lights and saved her life as the human Hughie. He finally realized he can protect her without powers or compound V.

What powers does Hughie have in the comics

In the comics, Hughie had powers from the beginning. He was made against his will to take compound V by Billy Butcher. He couldn’t teleport like the show, He just had extra strength, agility, and speed.

Hughie couldn’t control his powers in the comics. Soon after he had the powers he attacked one of the Supes (Kix member Blarney) without meaning to do so. He punched him in the chest.

The fact is that in the comics all the boys had superpowers. It was always one of the big differences between the show and the comic until season 3. Billy Butcher had extra strength, speed, and agility too. Mother’s Milk and his brother were born with powers he was named Mother’s Milk because he got his power from his breastfeeding. Kimiko Miyashiro was the strongest of the boys in the comics just like the show she can heel and had great power. Frenchie in the comics had powers too but we didn’t see that in the show in season 3.

Hughie got A-Train in the comics

Just wait don’t get mad that may never happen in the show. The comics’ story is different from the show. For example, Black noir is very strong in the comics and even Homelander can’t fight him.

In the comics, we had a scene when Butcher somehow managed to capture A-Train and made Hughie very angry to punish him. He had a record of A-Train talking after running through Robin Hughie’s girlfriend. Hughie heard the record and couldn’t resist and in the end, He used his power against A-Train.

The Boys Hughie powers will we see it again

For the show, We really can’t tell. In the last season, we learned that temporary have a destructive effect on the brain. Hughie can’t take another dose from that compound otherwise he will end up like Butcher having permanent damage and having a few months in life.

But it’s Butcher and Hughie right. It won’t be easy for the show to lose them or their powers. I think we will find out in season 4 how will the show solve this problem. How will the show find a way to prevent Butcher’s fate and give Hughie back his power, Will it is through permanent V or another trick. We won’t know until then.

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