New Doctor Who Season .. A Look at Neil Patrick Harris’ Villain and David Tennant’s Fourteenth Doctor

Fan of science fiction? Here’s everything we know so far about the next season of Doctor Who,

Fan of science fiction? Here’s everything we know so far about the next season of Doctor Who, the famous tv series created by BBC television in 1963. The new season marks the show’s 60th anniversary.

The next Doctor Who season is written by Russell T Davies, Starring David Tennant and Catherine Tate, and directed by Rachel Talalay, Chanya Button, and Tom Kingsley. You can watch it on BBC network in November 1st 2023,

How many seasons of Doctor Who is there?

Now, if you want to follow along with the next Doctor Who season, you need to be informed about the previous seasons. The first season of Doctor Who ran on BBC One in November 1963 and continued for 26 seasons until December 1989, then it went on hiatus and resumed airing in 2005 with 15 more seasons, plus one TV movie created in 1996.

15 different actors have played the eponymous Doctor Who, the first of them was William Hartnell. For the new Doctor Who 2023, David Tennant will be the 16th actor on the list to play the character.

David Tennant as Doctor Who

David Tennant was cast as Doctor Who for the first time in 2005, making him the 10th doctor. This lasted between 2005 and 2010.

Then, he was cast as the fourteenth doctor in 2013.

Finally, he’ll be returning as the sixteenth doctor in 2023.

Doctor Who Backstory

The doctor is the lord of time. He is from a planet called Gallifrey, and he uses his spaceship the “TARDIS” to travel through time. He has made a lot of friends over the show’s long runtime, and he can regenerate in different forms, and this ability gives the creators the greenlight to change the actor playing Doctor Who, in a way that is convenient to the plot.

 Doctor Who spaceship (TARDIS)

Doctor Who will come back with his famous spaceship the TARDIS in the new Doctor Who 2023. The spaceship’s name is an acronym for “Time And Relative Dimension In Space” and at the beginning of the series it appears like a blue police box, but later on something wrong happens in the cloaking system giving it the new shape it has now.

New Doctor Who season

Doctor Who villain characters

During the many seasons of Doctor Who, he has faced many villain characters, but some of the most memorable are:

  • The Daleks: their first appearance was December 1963 and they are a big threat to humanity and behave like Nazi.
  • The Cybermen: their first appearance was October 1966 and despite the fact they are made of dryer tubes, they are very harmful.
  • The Master: his first appearance was January 1971 and he was an old friend of Doctor Who, he meant to be good until he was reborn in a new form.
  • The Autons: which is a kind of artificial people created by Robert Holmes. They show up for the first time in 1970.
  • The Empty Child: his first appearance was in May 2005 and he is an innocent villain, he does not mean to be evil or has any malicious intent, he just wants to find his mother and accidentally turns everybody in the street into zombies.
  •  Ood: his first appearance was in June 2006 and he looks like a squid, he can communicate by telepathy.
  • Loch Ness Monster: his first appearance was August 1975. He is a marine monster, and he wants to take the earth over for his people after they destroyed their planet.
  • Torchwood: the first appearance was in July 2006 and this evil organization was the greatest threat to Doctor Who.
  • Slitheen: A family of bipedal aliens that formed a criminal sect. Banned from their own planet, they tried to start World War III on Earth to sell radioactive material as jet fuel in space. Their main motivation is profit.

We can’t wait to see who will face David Tennant Doctor Who 2023 and how he’ll triumph over the threat.

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Doctor Who season 16 trailer

Doctor Who 2023 trailer shows David Tennant, the 16th Doctor Who facing some kind of alien and trying to celebrate the 60th anniversary of this immortal and legendry sci-fi show.

Find here the official trailer:

David Tennant the 16th Doctor Who

David Tennant, which is the 14th Doctor Who, is returning to the show with his Estuary English, and he is coming back with his old colleague Catherine Tate, after 12 years.

Catherine Tate left the show after the timelord wiped her memories to save her life, because the power she has is a threat to her life. There is still a lot to say in her story and so we can expect they will continue it in new season.

New Doctor Who season

Next Doctor Who season cast

Beside David Tennant and Catherine Tate, more stars will join the cast like Yasmin Finney, Bernard Cribbins, Jacqueline King, Karl Collins, Ruth Madeley, Ncuti Gatwa, and Neil Patrick Harris in a villain role.

What the stars of the next Doctor Who season said about it

Ncuti Gatwa: “There aren’t quite the words to describe how I’m feeling. A mix of deeply honoured, beyond excited and of course a little bit scared. This role and show means so much to so many around the world, including myself, and each one of my incredibly talented predecessors has handled that unique responsibility and privilege with the utmost care. I will endeavour my upmost to do the same.”

The show creator Russell T Davies said: “The truth of it is, everyone lies when they leave Doctor Who and says ‘Oh, I’ve moved on! – I’ve been thinking about it since I was three, so there’s no way you stop thinking about.

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New Doctor Who 2023 release

BBC network and Disney announced that they will air three specials on November 2023 to celebrate Doctor Who 60th anniversary, according to the agreement between BBC and Disney, that give the latter the right to air the episodes internationally.

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